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Bracelets have been worn by men for centuries. Cave men wore them to ward off evil spirits, and wealthy men wore them to show power and wealth. Nowadays bracelets can be decorative, nostalgic or cause bracelets. Cause bracelets mean you believe in something like social causes or an allegiance to a group. They also make a great conversational piece. Nostalgic bracelets remind us of places, times and things that are important to us. Historically men’s accessories have been functional and bracelet decoration is more associated with costume jewellery in the western world. It is debatable as to whether to match the colour of your bracelet to your watch, even if you don’t wear your bracelet on the same arm. However coordinating jewellery shows that you have pulled together your outfit.

At Amoreantos we suggest only wearing items that have an intense personal meaning for you and we think our pendants have that meaning and bring a story to your purchase. Necklaces with pendants were often considered to be in the realm of a women’s accessories. Thankfully as times have changed men are progressively opting to wear statement pieces that compliment their personality, complete their style and make them appear more interesting. Simple variations to necklaces with pendants like the style of the chain and its length can create a considerably more masculine look. Wearing an eye-catching statement piece shows that you can share your appreciation for the history of beautiful handmade artifacts. We consider our pendants at Amoreantos as futuristic artifacts and they can have a masculine yet genderless appeal.

In summary, wearing a silver chain makes a simple statement with a tasteful touch of ‘bling’ which is perfect for special occasions. As far as it’s small enough to rest comfortably against your breastbone, it’ll work for everyone. Pendants can be worn casually outside T-shirts, but they are usually nestling underneath a revealing neckline or something with a collar that is turned down. At Amoreantos we think a pendant makes more of a statement whereas a bracelet becomes part of the wearer’s identity whether hidden or on show. As we head towards a more egalitarian world where boundaries are crossed over our pendants fit snugly into what we call the ‘new tribe’. Good jewellery looks natural for anyone and in the future who knows we may well be providing bracelets and rings too.

If this has persuaded you that you would like to buy a piece of silver jewellery then Amoreantos pendants (with or without chains or thongs) are a great choice and are available on Etsy. Tim and I look forward to hearing from you.