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Silver Not



So what if it tarnishes

There are some great benefits offered to you by Amoreantos by using sterling silver as the precious metal to make our pendants. Silver alone is too soft to make jewellery from so we use 925 sterling silver at Amoreantos which is an alloy. This type of metal is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% of another metal (usually copper).

  1. The main advantage of sterling silver is its aesthetic appearance. 925 sterling silver has the same hardness as 18K gold with a soft lustre that is brighter and shinier than stainless steel.

2. Although stainless steel is an alloy of steel and chromium making it cheaper, more durable and scratch resistant, silver jewellery can also react to the wearer’s needs indefinitely as it is easier to repair and resize.

3. 925 sterling silver is lighter than stainless steel and can be 100% recycled making it an environmentally friendly option which can be made anew.

4. Although silver does tarnish if it is worn regularly, well-kept and polished one of our silver pendants will continue to keep its receptive quality for years.

5. I personally like to see a piece of silver jewellery when it wears to attain its natural finish with tiny imperfections that reflect the usage of its owner.

6. Unlike stainless steel, silver has a back story with associations to the lunar cycle and enhancing creativity.

7. Silver is also known for killing bacteria. Its apparent natural properties may balance outside electrical instabilities, improve circulation and general body temperature stability, and help maintain hygiene and immunity.

8. Jewellery made from precious metals like 925 sterling silver make great gifts for special occasions and to pass on from generation to generation.

9. However we know that there are those who are allergic to silver, if you suffer from a silver allergy we hope that one day we will be able to provide alternative options in the future.

If this has persuaded you that you would like to buy a piece of silver jewellery then Amoreantos pendants (with or without chains and thongs) are a great choice and are available on Etsy. Tim and I look forward to hearing from you.